We analyzed the current situation of Kenyan coffee farmers to find out how climate (change) is influencing their harvests and how the expertise of TAHMO could help these farmers. This mainly included a affordable weather station that could provide farmers with more accurate weather information. Part of the project were two 4 week trips to Kenya, visiting coffee and climate experts, coffee farmers and coffee factories.

For who?

As a group of five students from different masters for UTZ Certified and TAHMO, for the Joint Master Project in 2014/2015.

Why this design?

The final design was a complete product-service system providing coffee and tea farmers and coffee factories with more accurate weather forecasts and farming advises to help them deal with a changing (and less predictable) climate. To provide this data the new TAHMO stations are required. UTZ wants to help farmers to obtain a better quality of life, the system that was designed will help to achieve that by helping farmers increase their production.

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