A wireless, wearable digital partner (PoB: Partner on Board) that could accompany security guards when they are driving around, checking up on their clients buildings. Main goal was to prevent security guards from losing their keys, but we also found that driving alone all night could make security guards feel lonely. This digital partner would solve both problems.

For who?

For the course 'Interactive Technology Design' our indirect client was security company Trigion. Their guards would sometimes lose keys because they were being careless. As a group of 4 design students we were asked to come up with an interactive prototype that would solve this problem.

Why this design?

The main goal of the course was to improve our prototyping and programming skills, rather than thinking too much about a perfect concept. Designing while building was the idea. The end result was a prototype that would vibrate, make sounds and light up in different colors (displaying it's mood) based on several input sensors.

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